Occupational English Test for Nurses and Doctors

OET Preparation in Abu Dhabi and Ajman 

(Updated Writing Criteria from August 31, 2019)

Oet Coaching at BMC: New Batch (Path towards securing Grade B)  

At BMC, OET is a month-long (30 days) training followed by a mock-up test to gauge your performance. Post training, you will feel confident to sit the actual test, as you would have gained valuable insights into Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. We also provide free-of-charge additional help with Writing and Speaking. Please read OET success stories on our Google Reviews Page. 

Good news for Retakers:

Retakers welcomed! For those struggling to achieve a Grade B in OET and exhausted of many attempts; get trained by a Cambridge English teacher and an OET recognized trainer and secure a guaranteed Grade B in all modules. Another reason why guarantee Grade B for retakers at BMC is the fact that there is special focus on Writing and Speaking modules through which many feel a drastic improvement. Please contact our OET certified trainer 055-3657903 or 02-6796255. BMC is trusted by many as a premier training center for OET in Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Is Oet coaching offered for others occupations? 

Yes, OET Training is offered for 12 other occupations, including  dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, and pharmacy etc. OET Course changes in terms of the Writing and the Speaking tests when it comes to other occupations. Reading and Listening remain the same. We, at BMC, cater to all professions. You may contact us for best OET preparation in Abu Dhabi and Ajman, 

Why choose Oet course at BMC?

OET course at BMC has been the result of successful successive training sessions. It was through our OET Training that we were able to achieve a high success ratio amongst others in the industry. At BMC, OET course has the following features: 

  • Free-of-charge pre-assessment test to determine your level of English
  • Cost-effective Training 
  • Cambridge Licensed Trainers
  • Free study material (OET Book for Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening)
  • 30 days of training 
  •  Multiple mock-up tests
  • Additional help with Writing or any other module 
  • Flexible Timings 

Oet 2.0 Training Centers: 

BMC offers OET Training in Abu dhabi and OET in Ajman. 

  • OET Training in Abu dhabi is offered at our Al Zahiya (Tourist Club Area) Branch. 
  • OET Training in Ajman is offered at our Al Shoraf Complex, Makateb Business Center Branch. 
    • For OET Abu Dhabi and OET Ajman call 055-3657903

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OET Preparation in Abu Dhabi and Ajman

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