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About Us

About Us

About us

Our main objective is to help out students, workers, and employees to get through the important entrance tests like IELTS, PTE, OET, and TOEFL. We endeavor to provide comprehensive training sessions for English-language assessment tests. These tests are widely used by international organizations, universities and embassies to evaluate the student's or employee’s English-language proficiency level. Therefore, getting trained for English language assessment tests at BMC is very important for those applying for student visas or permanent residencies in English-speaking countries. We are dedicated to helping individuals and groups to achieve a higher level of accomplishment and to build the required skill-sets in a way that is entertaining and compelling. We try making learning easier for them so that they can easily crack the exams and pass with flying colours.



In order to provide exam preparation classes/reviews for English-language assessment tests, we have well-experienced and qualified trainers who are capable of educating the learners on all modules of the exam as well as teaching them the test criteria. Aside from that we refer to past exams to further test takers' understanding of lectures delivered in the classroom which are designed by CET (Cambridge English Teachers) and as per the British Council 30-Hour Course of Instructions. To accomplish this, we use Official Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS, a book series, which contains past exams. Moreover, we employ “Check your vocabulary by Mr. Rawdon Wyatt as well as “Insight into IELTS by Cambridge” (also a book series) for the intermediate-level learners.

We follow a unique way of teaching. Our method is called "Need-Based Teaching". We first assess a student’s current English-language proficiency and based on their current fluency and future Language requirements, we customize our courses to help them achieve their goals. We have successfully trained thousands of Individuals in this way, and we continue to do so!

Some of the main features of BMC's Courses are

  • Need Based Training for every student.
  • Pre-Assessment/ DIAGNOSTIC TEST at the beginning of the course.
  • 360 Degree Evaluation system.
  • Regular Testing and monitoring in the class.
  • Mid-Term Assessment to check on improvement
  • Individual Case files of each and every student.
  • Certificate of completion is provided by the relevant examining body.